Writer’s Salon #8 Recap

We next met on June 26th, at Kim and Mike’s, where we focused on dialogue for the evening. We did two exercises. The prompt for the first was that two people are in a car, they have a brief conversation, and then the driver drops the passenger off in front of a building. The second was a conversation between a cashier and a customer who briefly comes into a store, purchases something, and leaves. It was nice to do some actual writing during our meeting this time since the prior meeting had been mostly conversation about writing. In attendance were Kim, Mike, Jon, Bethany, Susannah, and Jenna.


Writer’s Salon #5 Recap

Someone recently asked me what typically happens on these nights, and going over the ones we’ve done so far made me realize I had never recapped the last one. Because of the holidays, we haven’t met in a while, but we did meet in October at Kim and Mike’s apartment. In honor of Halloween being the next day, we came in costume. Our hosts were a young Carl and Ellie from Up, Jon arrived as an impressively accurate Mr. Tumnus with an amazingly-bedecked Beth-the-Kraken in tow, and I rounded things out as Hermione from her Prisoner of Azkaban days.

We finally tackled the Action topic which had been requested in the spring. We read examples of action passages from favorite books and analyzed what made the author’s style for writing action particularly effective.

Our next meeting will be later this month, where we will try a live-writing exercise. By the way, I just made that term up on the spot, but it looks like it’s actually a thing. Check out an example.

I’d like to propose Dialogue as a future topic. Here’s a good article to get you started on Writing Great Dialogue.