Writer’s Salon #9 Recap

We returned to Nicole’s for an outdoor dinner and a read-and-critique night on August 21st. In addition to Nicole, Susannah, Bethany, Jon, and Kim, we got to meet Nicole/Kim/Mike’s colleague, Michelle. Nicole read her most recent entry to the NYC Midnight writing contest. Susannah shared a set of haiku. Michelle had a chapter from a spooky story to share, which spawned a discussion about Centralia, PA. Jon read a portion of a story written from the perspective of a cat. Bethany had put together a journalistic account of a recent dog rescue she had Jon had effected. And Kim read both her own piece and the opening chapter of a children’s fantasy book that Mike is working on.


Writer’s Salon #8 Recap

We next met on June 26th, at Kim and Mike’s, where we focused on dialogue for the evening. We did two exercises. The prompt for the first was that two people are in a car, they have a brief conversation, and then the driver drops the passenger off in front of a building. The second was a conversation between a cashier and a customer who briefly comes into a store, purchases something, and leaves. It was nice to do some actual writing during our meeting this time since the prior meeting had been mostly conversation about writing. In attendance were Kim, Mike, Jon, Bethany, Susannah, and Jenna.

Writer’s Salon #7 Recap

After a few scheduling hiccups in March, Nicole hosted the next go-round on May 15th, and we had a nice-sized group with Jon, Bethany, Mike, Kim, Susannah, and Janet attending. We had a fun time reviewing the interim progress that had been made on our group writing exercise, and we also spent time discussing titles. Kim even brought a children’s book to read to us and had the title covered up so we could each provide a guess as to what the title might be after hearing it. It was aptly named “Here Comes The Garbage Barge!” and was illustrated in a very creative way, with photos of clay models and other materials.