September Articles

The open tabs are piling up in my browser, so it’s time to share a few more articles.

I’ll start off with this business writing tip to write your emails backwards. I’ve been using the technique extensively at the office, and I think it makes a real difference in the conciseness of my correspondence.

While you’re on the Writer’s Write site, also check out these Three Simple Ways to Get Your Hero to Make a Stand. I think they will come in handy when we talk about Action next month. The third method reminds me of an article I shared a while back called What Disney (and Pixar) Taught Me About Writing Suspense. If you didn’t read it the first time around, be sure to check it out now. Then stick around for this article on Understanding Viewpoint Terminology. Personally, I write in third person objective most of the time, but I appreciated the examples of popular books written in the other styles. And, lastly, enjoy this comic about How to Get Ideas.

Here is some advice on how to Put Your Best Work Out There: Avoid These 25 Newbie Writer Mistakes. I think many of them are obvious, but there are a few gems.

And in 5 Steps to Getting It Done: The Writing Process, I like that the writer included “getting it read” as the final and crucial step because, as he says “People often forget this, but writing is supposed to be for a reason.”

Finally, I’ll leave you with Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers.


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