Writer’s Salon #4 Recap

Last night was salon number four! This time we met at Nicole’s. There were some familiar faces (Jon, Bethany, Kim, Mike, Susannah, Nicole) and two first-time attendees (Johnny, Janet). The theme of the night was read-and-critique. We shared segments from short stories, a screen play, flash fiction pieces, and an in-progress collaborative novel. It was fun to hear such a wide variety of creative works as we went around the room.

The next time we meet, we will be focusing on Action. Everyone is asked to bring with them an action scene from a favorite or famous story. We will read them together and analyze what makes each of them effective. We plan to meet in October. Hope to see you there!

p.s. A few of us talked about the NYC Midnight contests. Visit their website for more information. Annually, they hold a Short Story Challenge, Screenwriting Challenge, Flash Fiction Challenge, and Short Screenplay Challenge.