I admit it. I like to blog. There’s something about the blogging format that captured me way back when Xanga was a thing (if you remember Xanga, you get 2 points). Is it the immediacy of capturing a thought and spinning it out into the expanse of the web, allowing my voice to be heard, even by a few random strangers who happen to click over to my post because of a random tag?

I have connected with others through blogs, people I will never meet in real life who share my love of design or color or stories . . . or who share my struggles with fibromyalgia. People who, like me, are using their blogs to tell it like it is, or to ask meaningful questions.

I have most recently been blogging about fibro on a blog called Dear Fibro on which I write short notes to fibromyalgia as though it is a person living with me. It’s a very niche concept, I realize, but I have been so interested to see who has read the blog and how many people have begun to follow the posts and leave thoughtful or encouraging comments. This isn’t a plug for my blog, because I know its content is irrelevant to most of you. It’s just to say that it’s one way in which I scratch my itch to write and to express myself with words.

I’ve also enjoyed being a part of several group blogs, including this one. And I wondered if any of the other readers of this blog are bloggers themselves or have favorite blogs they like to read. If so, would you share a link?

Here are a few of my favorites (these may not be everyone’s cup of tea — what’s yours?) . . .

DesignSponge – this is a classic in the world of design blogging. I’ve been following this blog for years and have seen it grow and “mature” over time. The writing is done by several different folks on their team, and I enjoy the different tone/perspective each one brings to the table.

Color Collective
– an incredibly simple idea. This blogger pulls beautiful images from various sources and then pulls together a color palette based on each image. I find this inspiring when I’m stuck on a design project or when I just need a jolt of prettiness.

Oh Joy! is the blog of a Graphic Designer, so another design-lover’s blog. She also shares recipes, craft ideas, fun ideas for kids . . . oh, and her blog is full of beautifully shot photos, which is inspiring to the little photographer who lives inside me.


Featured Image used under Creative Commons Attribution License via Mike Licht


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