Writer’s Salon #2 Recap

On Thursday we had our 2nd Writer’s Salon. In attendance were a mix of new and familiar faces: Jon, Bethany, Jennifer, Nicole, Kim, Mike, and Susannah.

We started with the following warm up: Write directions to your house from the nearest highway exit, without using street names or house numbers. It was fun to see how we all used a variety of landmarks, distances, cardinal directions, and elapsed times to explain how to get around the Lehigh Valley. The main purpose, however, was just to get our writing brains turned on and our wrists limbered up. In fact, we even had a brief side bar about fountain pens. If you haven’t tried writing with one, you really owe it to yourself (and to your writing) to try one out. Personally I have a Lamy safari, which can be found on Amazon for $20+, but Jon and Bethany bought some locally—I believe at Michael’s.

Sam had sent a link to a very inspirational comic featuring a quote by Ira Glass, so I shared that with the group. He stressed that the opening sentence should read “WHAT nobody tells people who are beginners…” so keep that in mind when you look at it.

We spent the majority of our writing time on what I’m calling the “Choose Your Own Adventure Character Exercise” because I wanted to focus on characters this time around. Along those lines, I made another shameless plug for one of my favorite books on writing, Getting Into Character. If anyone else has books to recommend, please let me know. I’d be happy to give you a log in for the blog so you can post something like Nicole did last month.

We wrapped up by deciding that we’d next like to meet in May. I’ll send out a follow-up email. Nicole has also offered to organize dinner out before one of the upcoming GLVWG Writers Cafe nights. Stay tuned for more details on that.



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