Writer’s Salon #1 Recap

We had a great time on Monday for our first writer’s salon! In attendance were Susannah, Vicki, Pam, Nicole, Jon, and Bethany. We spent a little time getting to know each other and learning what we each like to write about and why, shared some writing resources, and did a writing exercise together.

For the exercise, we each submitted an index card with suggestions for a setting, two characters, and three objects. Then each person in the group perused the cards and chose one element for the group to use. We ended up with a bus in heavy traffic in Troy, NY at 4:50 PM, a 4-yr-old girl with a stuffed alligator, an idealistic inventor, a flashlight, a tractor, and some graffiti-covered scaffolding. Then we spent a little over a half hour of quiet writing time writing our version of the story. It was very fun to hear them all read and see the different directions we took the same criteria.


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